IELTS Listening Practice

IELTs Listening practice Test 1

PART 1         Questions 1-10


  • You will hear a number of different recordings and answer questions
  • There will time to read instructions, questions and check your work
  • The test is in 4 parts
  • Play the recording once only like in the real test
  • Click Check to see how you did.
  • Complete all questions before clicking check for each section
  • Add totals for each question to get your total score

PART 2         Questions 11-20


  • Listen to the recording below and answer question 11-20.

Questions 13 and 14

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Questions 15-20. Label the map below.

PART 3         Questions 21-30

Instructions: Play the recording below and answer the questions

Questions 21-24

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

Questions 27-30


A. This country suffered the most severe loss of life.

B. The impact on agriculture was predictable.

C. There was a significant increase in deaths of young people.

D. Animals suffered from a sickness.

E. This country saw the highest rise in food prices in the world.

F. It caused a particularly harsh winter.


PART 4         Questions 3140

Listen to the recording and Complete the notes below.

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