IELTs Speaking Practice

IELTs Speaking Test Part1

Answer the questions and record yourself by pressing the button below. Do not speak for more than 40 seconds for one question. All questions in Part 1 should not exceed 5mins. You can download you recordings afterwards.

Question: Let’s talk about your home town or village:

a) What kind of place is it?

b) What’s the most interesting part of your town/village?

c) What kind of jobs do the people in your town/village do?

d) Would you say it’s a good place to live? (Why?)

Question: Let’s move on to talk about accommodation: a) Tell me about the kind of accommodation you live in?

b) How long have you lived there?

c) What do you like about living there?

d) What sort of accommodation would you most like to live in?

Speaking test part 2: candidate task card

Question: Describe something you own which is very important to you. You should say:

  • where you got it from
  • how long you have had it
  • what you use it for; and 
  • explain why it is important to you.

Rounding off questions

Question: Tell me

  • is it valuable in terms of money?
  • would it be easy to replace?

IELTS practice Speaking test – part 3

*instructions: Total time for section 3 should between 4-5min. Do not exceed 5min

Questions: Let’s consider first of all how people’s values have changed.

What kind of things give status to people in your country? 

  • Have things changed since your parents’ time? 

Finally, let’s talk about the role of advertising.

Do you think advertising influences what people buy?

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