Justice in the Caucasian Chalk Circle #KCSE2018

Sample by Elija Ntongai

Question: The only way that Azdak can uphold justice is by being unconventional. Write an essay that justifies the unusual things that Azdak does as a judge.

Since justice is a key pillar in every society, it is essential that justice be easily accessible to everyone. However, in many societies, the judicial process is slow, expensive and too complex; therefore biased against the poor. Using Grusinia, Bertolt Brecht exemplifies how the conventional justice system often fails the poor because it relies on archaic laws, and it is easily manipulated in favour of the rich through crafty lawyers, coercion and corruption. Therefore, Brecht proposes that when the conventional laws fail people, unconventional means should be employed to redefine justice. Through the eccentric Azdak, the author shows that only unconventional means can restore justice in Grusinia.
Lawyers can be hired to distort and cunningly pervert justice. Natella’s act of abandoning Michael during the coup is an act of injustice yet after the storm is gone she comes back to claim the custody of Michael. The lawyers successfully prove that Grusha was not Michael’s mother. Using an unconventional method that the second lawyer terms as a doubtful duel, Azdak put the two women in a test. Apparently, Natella won the duel, but Azdak upholds justice by making Grusha Michael’s custodian.It is just that children should go to the motherly, not those who claim blood ties.
Justice cannot be upheld through rigid laws. For example,in the book of statutes, the Abashwili estates were tied to Michael. Natella, a very materialistic woman presents a case for the custody of Michael so that she could have access to the estates. After listening to the case, Azdak decides that henceforth, the estates belongs to the city, and they should be turned to a children’s playground because they needed one. Legally, and in conventional law, the estates belonged to Michael. Azdak served unconventional justice for the good of the society.
Justice should not be purchased through bribes, it should be availed to all for free. Before Azdak’s reign as the judge, the rich had used their influence and money to sway justice towards them, as a result the people weavers were fed up and they hanged the judge. The rich landowners were capable of bribing the judge. Contrary to his predecessors, Azdak openly solicited and took bribes from the rich. He also ruled against them. To show that Justice could not be bought. In the case against the Granny Grusinia, Azdak acquits the old woman because of the suffering she had undergone for the sake of Grusinia and fines the farmers terming them as atheists.
With Political interference in the judiciary, Justice can never be achieved through conventional method. Before Azdak, Illo Orbeliani was the judge. During his tenure, injustice thrived because he was an object of use by the princes. Through this judge the princes would get away with all crimes they committed against the peasants. As a result the weavers stirred a rebellion because he denied them justice through what they termed as preserving the dignity of the law. The fat prince endorsed his nephew to be the new judge because he knew that he would be his purpet. Political interference has disastrous impact on justice.
Rational thinking should be at the helm of any verdict made in order to deliver justice. In The Caucasian Chalk Circle, Bertolt Brecht illustrations the need of flexible laws in which the specific circumstances of every case are scrutinized. This way, justice is upheld.  (this essay is being edited)

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