Thematic concerns in Imbuga’s Betrayal in the City

Thematic concerns in Imbuga’s Betrayal in the City
Dictatorship/ bad governance
The play Betrayal in the City us an illustration of how bad governance can wreck a country.
Kafira is depicted as an African country plagued by bad governance and the many ills that thrive in that climate including corruption, nepotism and favouritism and brutality and the violation of human rights.
Like many African countries kafira’s problem begun with a military coup that placed Boss, a military officer, in the seat of power. Thereafter Boss established a dictatorial government that crushes any form of opposition with lethal force.
When students protest against the government decision to hire expatriate workers at the expense of local labour force, the government crushes the protest with extreme force leading to the death of Adika. Mosese ends up in prison after condemning the government for killing Adika. To finish reading this article visit:

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