The Caucasian Chalk Circle (by Bertolt Brecht) Excerpt question 2

Read the excerpt below and then answer the questions that follows
A peasant’s cottage appears.
GRUSHA: (to the CHILD): Noontime, eating time. Now we’ll sit hopefully in the grass, while
the good Grusha goes and buys a little pitcher of milk. (She lays the CHILD down and knocks at the cottage door. An OLD MAN opens it.) Grandfather, could I have a little pitcher of milk? And a corn cake, may be?
OLD MAN: Milk? We have no milk. The soldiers from the city have our goats. If you want milk, go to the
GRUSHA: But Grandfather, you must have a little pitcher of milk for a baby?
OLD MAN: And for a God-bless-you, eh?
GRUSHA: Who said anything about a God-bless-you? (She shows her purse.) We’ll pay like
princes. “Head in the clouds, backside in the water.” (The peasant goes off, grumbling for milk.) How much for the milk?
OLD MAN: Three piasters. Milk has gone up.
GRUSHA: Three piasters for this little drop? (Without a word the OLD MAN shuts the door
in her face.) Michael, did you hear that? Three piasters! We can’t afford it. (She goes back, sits down again and gives the CHILD her breast.)Suck. Think of the three piasters. There’s nothing there, but you think you’re drinking, and that’s something. (Shaking her head, she sees that the CHILD isn’t sucking any more. She gets up, walks back to the door, and knocks again.) Open, Grandfather, we’ll pay. (Softly.): May lightning strike you! (When the OLD MAN appears:) I thought it would be half a piaster. But the baby must be fed. How about one piaster for this little drop?
GRUSHA: Don’t shut the door again. (She fishes a long time in her bag.) Here are two piasters. The milk better be good. I still have two days’ journey ahead of me. It’s a murderous business you have here – sinful too!
OLD MAN: Kill the soldiers if you want milk.
GRUSHA: (giving the child some milk): This is an expensive joke. Take a sip Michael. It’s a week’s pay. Around here they think we earned our money just sitting on our behinds. Oh, Michael, Michael, you’re a nice little load for a girl to take on!
a). Explain the purpose of Grusha’s song before this excerpt (2 mks)
b). From elsewhere in the play, mention any two instances that show that the people were fearful of
soldiers? (4marks)
c). Identify and illustrate the character of the following;
i) Grusha (4 marks)
ii) Old man
d). Identify and illustrate any one theme brought out in this excerpt. (2 marks)
e) Identify and illustrate any two stylistic devices used in this excerpt. (4marks)
f) Describe and illustrate the mood in this scene. (2 marks)
a) Around here they think we earned our money just sitting on our behinds. (add a question tag) (1 mark)
h). It’s a murderous business you have here- and sinful too! (Begin: Not only ………………………..) (1mark)
i) Explain the meaning of the phrase, ‘ head in the clouds, backside in water’ as used in the excerpt.
j) Who comes in immediately after this excerpt and why? (3marks

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